Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Human Scale Emergency!!!

Hello, everyone.  I'm still churning through all the comments from the first blog post and I've drawn a couple of preliminary conclusions and come up with a couple more questions.  I'll post them as soon as they have settled.  In the meantime, however, we have an emergency to deal with.  

Over and over again, realistically scaled avatars told me that they had hardly any options for clothing or buildings or furniture or pose balls because everything was out of scale for them.  They said they were looking everywhere for a place to spend their money and just couldn't find what they wanted.

What?  An untapped market?  In the middle of a global recession?  We just can't let this continue. I have decided to make a resource page for realistically scaled avatars.  If you are a content creator who makes things to more realistic proportions, label your creations "Human Scale" and drop me a notecard with details about what you have and where to buy it.  I'll get links posted on my resource page. 

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