Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The more things change...

So I've been over on the Linden flogs, watching a discussion escalate into a brawl.

The discussion is, of course, about what constitutes a child avatar. The battle lines appear to be drawn. A few human scale folks complain about having their evenings ruined by a height-based auto-ban and then someone pops up to say,

"You look like a child av to me. I must be one of those stupid tall landowners that can't tell the difference, but then again I am 5'11 in RL and I love being tall. I would definately ban/eject you on sight. The whole "bewbs" childlike misspelling makes me think you do roleplay being at least a teen just one more good reason to boot you. Sorry being honest. I own an adult store and I ban child avs and you don't have tits and your clothes make you look like a 10 year old and yep I would ban/eject you."

/me sighs.

I get so frustrated with the sound and fury. The average avatar in SL is tall--very, very tall, by human standards. Mostly, this is because they had no idea they were that tall when they first made their shapes. By the time they find out (usually when they switch to the Emerald Viewer), it is too much effort to change.

But now we have a height indicator in viewer 2.1, albeit a slightly inaccurate one. (Please vote for this jira: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-19767) This means that people will have the ability to choose their avatar's height in a conscious way, right from the beginning.

Here's my question: Will it make a difference? Will having a height detector in the default viewer bring the height of the average avatar down into human range? Or is there too much inertia---too much stuff already built on Heroic scale?

Let me know.